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Connectivity, Compliance and Comfort


In a tough economical competition for every company it is a must to collect and use all possible business data from all over it’s systems – to support the efficient decision making process and so ensure the profitability of business. And this data collection has to be fast, effective and reliable – to make the right decisions on time.
The heterogeneity of business systems makes it difficult to integrate all the data you may need – for example it is not trivial what is the best way to integrate data from SAP to other systems – and how to do it fast, reliable and simple.
Data integration with SAP is usually sluggish and takes a lot of time, because SAP is a sealed and locked system enviroment. When daily processes require to load and transform data into an external database or reporting solution, it takes so much time and attempts to find the best and most practical approach.
An all-in-one, lightweight tool is all we’ve ever dreamed of. Well, we’ve got good news. Our reasearch & development team made that dream come true, so you don’t have to praise for it ever again.    



Download and store valuable business data from any SAP. Regardless of used SAP modules, by using Starschema’s proven technology all SAP tables are available with only few clicks. By leveraging Talend’s more than 550 advanced integration components data can be uploaded to all commercial database systems or structured and even unstructured file formats.
It provides so powerful though easy to use services, that following up business process changes, or supporting business decisions with exact data while meeting tough deadlines, or serving data to any parties of your business will never be a pain again for your company.
An intuitive, easy-to-use, graphical interface and its dedicated wizards are ensuring the achivement of your requirements.

Because of SAP’s licence policies only RFC based communication is supported, every other methods violate warranties and licence agreementsPL/SAP Connector uses only standard data management methods on either SAP or other systems. It only uses technologies that are supported by the SAP.